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Search Engine Optimisation is a phrase that you will often hear in relation to websites. And what it basically means is maximizing the performance of your website in relation to Google Search Results.

We’ll also be sending you more information about this so that you can have a think about what the key words are for your site. So have a think about what the key services or key products are that you offer.

What are the Key Words that you should include on your website


Your going to need to find out a little bit more so here is a glossary of terms we have written up to help you.

Glossary of Terms

Just being educated in social media – thought it was going to be hard but @neilmorrin has made it easy to comprehend.

Saucy Cakes Manchester

Neil is creative and thoughtful, prepares materials in advance and thinks about the class from the students perspective.

Maria Barret

Head of Student Employability & Enterprise, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their business profile in these key routes to market.

Carrie Mosley

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