Start Up 34 – our best offer yet for our Users

We’re going to do this before the boss finds out but we’ve got such a great offer that we had to tell you that you can own a stylish mobile-friendly website today. But we haven’t stopped there…. 

Stylish mobile friendly website for only £15 per month. 

Free Domain Name

Get a Free domain name

Build your site

We have a range of prepared websites only waiting for your content –

Friendly, local, customer service

Based on Bold Street in the City Centre, if you have any questions you can call in to see us.

Training videos

We will provide a comprehensive set of training videos so you can easily see how to add extra content to your website.

Free SSL security certificate

Many platforms charge you extra for a £30 per year for a SSL certificate and we’re providing it free of charge.

Personalised email accounts

We don’t charge extra for email accounts and we’ll be providing 3 free of charge.

Fast carbon-neutral hosting

Mello Web Hostong provides performance enhanced Carbon Neutral hosting for free via Startup34

Why we’re doing it

Def-Net have teamed up with local web hosting provider Mello Hosts to bring you this great offer to kickstart your new business, so that you can get your own stylish mobile-friendly website today!


We've helped hundreds of businesses across the country to better understand how they can use their website to improve their business image and secure sales. Let us help you today.

Local Website Hosting 

Mello Web Hosting provides performance enhanced Carbon Neutral hosting

Trusted by Brands Merseysidewide

We’re experts in presenting your business in the best way possible, helping you attract sales and interest in your work.

When you’re starting a new business time is of the essence so let us do the heavy lifting for you.

With one easy monthly payment and you can leave the work up to us. 

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Startup34 Promotion Example Websites

We’ve a great selection of example sites that you can take advantage of today or just ask us about one that you don’t see listed in the menu.

Let’s Work Together

Simply state StartUp34 and we’ll get your website rolling as fast as we can.