This is a two day workshop designed for Blue Orchid – Ecommerce, audience engagement and measuring your success

In this extensive workshop your will be guided through the process of setting up a WordPress website, where we will examine E-Commerce, SEO Skills, Copywriting and Online Sales. By using the site we will be able to grow your Social Media skills through using Marketing and Google Analytics.

Want to start a Linkedin page for your business? Linkedin run regular webinars to find out more about setting up a a Linkedin profile and Page for your business. Find out more

Information for delegates attending the Two Day workshop
Information Sheets
1. Word press user guide –
2. Website glossary of terms
3. Rules and regulations for online selling

Essential tools that you need to use during the workshop.
Please download and install the Chrome browser from Google.

Social Media is a vital tool to help you grow your business as it Builds awareness, Creates positive word of mouth, Drives traffic to your website, The place to launch new products or services, To promote events, Increase reach, Generate leads and Increase sales

….. so please sign up

Before arriving at this 2 day workshop it would be helpful if you could sign up to the following web services – these are FREE and you should not be asked to pay for anything. These will help your with your business objectives – sign up to the following sites:
MailChimp Go to and set up a free account. You will be asked to start an email list so please create a list entitled Sample. Twitter: Go to and sign-up an account. Choose a user name either for yourself or for your business/project.To help you with Twitter here is a helpful guide: Click here Facebook: Go to and sign-up for an account. To help you please read this guide produced by Facebook: Click Here Facebook Page: If you would like to set up your page before this workshop then please do take a look at this guide Linkedin: You are your business so start a Linkedin account and start your profile today. Remember that you are now self employed at YOUR BUSINESS so state what your business name is. IFTTT: Pleasego to if you would like to be able to automate your digital presence and sign up for an account. Google: Sign up to for a Google account if you don’t have one already.   Social Media Tools Buffer: Buffer is a great tool for using social media, take a look and sign up. Go to Buffer Hootsuite:  HootSuite is a social media management system for brand management.  The ideal tool for a business on social media Go to Hootsuite If you are a photographer or take a lot of photos then sign up to these sites: Flickr: Instagram: Vine:   Additional sites you may be interested in signing up to. Slideshare: If you are working as a consultant or as an advising professional – slideshare is essential to you. Soundcloud: Are you interested in music or vocal recording then soundcloud is essential for you. It maybe that you are a musician, public speaker or consultant that has the opportunity to create audio content – this is good for sharing on your site so sign up for an account.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

Designed for Blue Orchid
NB: Sharing your contacts – many sites or social media platforms will ask if you would like to import your emails from your contacts list or address book so they can already find your contacts that are already on that platform. I have always allowed sites to do this – it has allowed me to make connections with friends and contacts, many of whom I have sold products or services to. The decision to import those contacts is yours.
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